• One Constellation uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to detect high risk customers activities patterns

  • The system will help you mitigate AML/CFT risk not only by performing initial and on-going due diligence checks but also by monitoring your customer’s transactions

  • It will be able to pick out irregular customer transactions and flag it out to the user on a real time basis

  • Users will be able to configure machine learning parameters and risk-based sensitivity that allows you to achieve greater accuracy and productivity in the transaction surveillance process

Fraud Detection and AML Compliance

Secure your business from potentially devastating money laundering and fraudulent activities. Quickly detect any red flags that may arise in real time without worrying about false positives or compliance issues through an effective combination of KYC/AML checks and transaction monitoring tools

Witness a reliable and custom-fit solution with our software. Our dashboard grants you effortless access to data analytics, risk monitoring, real-time transaction tracking, and the option of adapting rules as per regulatory codes. Don’t limit yourself to a one-size-fits-all approach; leverage us for your business needs and compliance requirements today!

  • Unlock the power of automated verification with industry-tailored rules or preconfigured templates.

  • Use our library to quickly test new solutions in a secure environment without coding from scratch- dry run previous data sets for instant insight.

Make sure to stay up-to-date with your customer’s risk assessments and transactions. Our case report management is designed for you to review past reports and easily access current ones. Keep track of your customer’s journey while complying with the necessary regulations.

Organizations can automate their transaction monitoring obligations with One Constellation in one comprehensive package. This innovative solution ensures that your processes are efficient and compliant with all regulatory requirements for maximum effectiveness. To learn more about how One Constellation can help you strengthen your financial security, contact us for a free demo today!