Say Goodbye to Manual Verification and Hello to Automated E-KYC Onboarding

The Customer Onboarding tool we offer facilitates the swift and secure introduction of new customers, resulting in improved business efficiency. Using this solution makes onboarding uncomplicated yet efficient.

With our E-KYC platform, the customer onboarding process is streamlined. It simplifies the process through automated data submissions, saving time and effort on manual verification while providing a hassle-free experience for customers. Our all-in-one solution ensures compliance with KYC/AML regulations while maintaining convenience and security.

  • Fully integrated with government database such as Singpass and CorpPass, CKYC, E-Adhaar Verification.

  • Allow the users to create an identity KYC profile that can be used across your whole business.

  • Receive real-time alerts and notifications.

  • Enabling synchronous information sharing across multiple production systems and departments allows businesses to take a comprehensive approach to customer data management.

  • Rigorous assessments are conducted regularly to strengthen our due diligence protocols to ensure compliance with applicable regulations

Learn how One Constellation’s revolutionary customer onboarding solution can help streamline your compliance operations. Connect with our experienced E-KYC experts today to discover the power of simplified, secure identification processes.