Putting Compliance in the Fast Lane

At One Constellation, we recognize the With a team of renowned industry experts and sophisticated tech security specialists, One Constellation’s Compliance Portal is an exceptional solution that surpasses all KYC standards worldwide.

One Constellation provides :

  • Strong governance and AML/KYC risk management to properly manage and mitigate AML/CFT risk.
  • Provides detailed guidance in AML/CFT compliance standards and required features that must be adhered to
  • AML risk-based approach and risk rating methodology
  • Risk Calculations and customer due diligence methodology
  • Different due diligence standards
  • Initial and on-going due diligence
  • Periodic risk reviews
  • Real-time AML/CFT reports

In this rapid digital landscape, businesses have a phenomenal chance to reinvent their customer interactions. Our expertise has helped hundreds of companies from financial and non-financial industries around the globe move into the digital space while ensuring compliance with KYC/AML/CFT regulations and staying abreast of regulatory developments.