Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) institutions can easily enhance their account opening procedures (KYC/KYB) and adhere to AML and CTF regulations, all while minimizing expenses related to manual identity verification.



Whether you are a new initiative gearing up for ICO/STO or a cryptocurrency exchange raising buy/sell limits, streamline the validation of users' identities and identify risks, all while minimizing any hindrance to customers.



Streamlining client onboarding, complying with regulations, and safely automating sanctions screening, transaction monitoring, and risk identification are crucial steps in enhancing the efficiency and security of the onboarding process.

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Funds Management

By utilizing our state-of-the-art technologies and partnership network, wealth managers are able to gain access to international data sources, extract pertinent documents and data, and identify beneficial owners.



Offer clients a seamless on-boarding process that leaves a lasting impression, and safeguard your reputation by thwarting identity fraud and mitigating other risks.

other industries

Other Industries

Other industries include Aerospace, Healthcare, Real Estate, Fintech, Travel & Tourism, Casinos, Online Gaming etc.